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Navajo Pottery Collection

Welcome to AZ Trading Post Etched Navajo Pottery Collection
   Welcome to our Navajo pottery page. Here you will find great savings on quality Navajo pottery and other unique decorative accessories for your home. All of the pottery is hand made and signed by Navajo Indian artist. This pottery will add an warmth to your southwest home decor.

   If you don't see something you like at this time check back from time to time because we will be putting other pottery in our store.

Please Note: Our pottery is hand made there may be a difference in appearance.

Click on any of the thumbnails on the below to see the items we sell.

Navajo Etched Bullet Vase By C. Benally

Etched Bullet Vase
By C. Benally
6.5" tall and 5" wide
Price: $95.00

Navajo Etched Sunset Harverst Pot

Etched Sunset Harverst Pot III
Signed By
7.25" Tall X 6.50" Wide
Price: $225.00

Navajo Hand-Etched Feather Pot

Hand-Etched Feather Pot
Signed By
9" Tall
Price: $200.00

Navajo Etched Southwest Sunset Pot II

Etched Southwest Sunset Pot II
5.5" tall and 5" wide
Price: $125.00

Navajo Etched Hummingbird Bowl

Etched Hummingbird Bowl
Signed By
5.25" Wide X 7.25" Tall
Price: $250.00

Navajo Hand-Etched Copper Gypsum Pot

Hand-Etched Copper Gypsum Pot
Signed By
4" Tall X 5>5" Wide
Price: $200.00

Native American Navajo Etched Red Clay Pot by Elaine Begay

Small Etched Red ClayPot
4.75" Tall X 5.50" Wide
By Elaine Begay
Price: $125.00

Navajo Etched & Painted Ginger Jar by Artist Gray

Etched & Painted
Ginger Jar
6" tall, 4-1/4" wide
By Gray
Price: $185.00

Navajo Etchware Small Smoke Pot by Marshalene Bennett

Smoke Pot / Hummingbird
6.5" tall, 6" wide
By Marshalene Bennett
Price: $180.99

Native American Navajo Etched Red Bear Clay Pot by Cindy Lee

Small Etched Bear Red Clay Pot
6.25" Tall X 5.50" Wide
By Cindy Lee
Price: $100.00

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