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Navajo Traditional Pottery Collection

Welcome to AZ Trading Post Etched Navajo Pottery Collection
   Welcome to our Navajo pottery page. Here you will find great savings on quality Navajo pottery and other unique decorative accessories for your home. All of the pottery is hand made and signed by Navajo Indian artist. This pottery will add an warmth to your southwest home decor.

   If you don't see something you like at this time check back from time to time because we will be putting other pottery in our store.

Please Note: Our pottery is hand made there may be a difference in appearance.

High quality, authentic Native American Navajo indian etched pottery made by members of the Navajo Indian Tribe.

Click on any of the thumbnails on the below to see the items we sell.

Navajo Hand Coiled Pine Pitch Navajo Pot

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Hand Coiled Pine Pitch Navajo Pottery

Signed by the Navajo Indian artist
Kevin Williams

  This beautiful traditional pine pitch pot is hand made by Navajo artists Kevin Williams and Jolinda Black. This is truly top of the line, hand coiled Navajo pottery. This incredible pottery has been made from natural clays found in the earth. The clay was then soaked in water until it reached a workable consistency. The clay was then worked and hand coiled. The artist then hand etched traditional designs into the walls. The pot was then wood fired and masterfully painted by hand.

2 1/2" Tall and 3 1/2" at Widest Point

Suggested Retail $99.99
Your Price: $89.95

(Made by Native American Indians)  


Navajo Hand Coiled Pine Pitch Navajo Pot

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Arizona Horse hair Pot

Signed NJ by the Navajo Indian artist
Natalie Jetter

  Natalie uses horse hair in the firing of this Arizona red clay pottery, which creates the shadowy, reticulated streaks that meander about the walls. This Arizona pottery is hand coiled, making Jetter's horse hair pottery most likely the only hand coiled horse hair pottery in the world, so you won't find it anywhere else! The process of hand-coiling a pot is unlike molded or thrown pots. It is exacting and intricate, so one pot can take longer than a day to complete, and definitely longer than just one sitting, making hand-coiled pottery a true test of technique and patience. The hand made quality and effort going into making just one Arizona pot increases the value and individuality exponentially, making each one of a kind piece of Arizona pottery a smart investment and a beautiful decor for a home or office. The horse hair and hand coiled nature of the pot combine to make it a true one of a kind, only found here.

5 3/4" Tall and 8" at Wide with a 4-1/2" mouth and a 24 3/4" circumference

Suggested Retail $299.99
Your Price: $250.00

(Made by Native American Indians)  


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