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Hand Carved Cedar Wood Feathers

Southwestern and Native American Indian Hand Painted Cedar Wood Feathers
  Welcome to our hand carved cedar feather page. Cedar feathers began with an idea from a Native American tradition. In the days of our Ancestors, at the coming of age, the great spirit would bless the young ones with a feather from the carrier of prayers (the eagle). They would receive a blessing, their spiritual totem or guide, and a name in which all the people would speak. Below is our artist's rendition of this culture. Our feathers are hand carved out of cedar, a very sacred herb used in many of the Native American healing ceremonies, so that all may share in the beauty from the culture of Native Americans
   We also have a fine collection of Ironwood carvings from South American carvers on are carved wood sculptures page, for you to take a look at. Any of which would add to the beauty of your southwestern art collection!

   If you don't see something you like at this time check back from time to time because we will be putting other hand crafted southwest wood art in our store.


Hand Carved Navajo Wooden Feather Ornament with Kachina Figures

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Wooden Feather Ornament with Kachina Figures

Signed By

Marvin Jim

The artist has Hand carved a wooden feather, and then hand painted a portrait of Kachina figures from Indian lore. The wood feather has string attached to make it suitable for hanging from a tree or any other place in your southwest home.
Sold in assorted kachina designs.
"Please note colors and variation in designs are possible"

Aproximate SIZE: 5" Long

*Please Note: Native American Made.

Your Price! - $15.00


Hand Carved Cedar Feather by Ed Buffalo

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Cedar Feather

Signed By Artist

Ed Buffalo

The artist has Hand carved from aromatic cedar wood a beautiful feather, and attached a string for hanging. Each hand carved feather is a unique ornament to display as a holiday decoration or us everyday as a air freshener!
"Please note colors and variation in designs are possible"

SIZED: 7 1/4" Long X 1 1/8 Wide"

*Please Note: Cherokee Indian Made.

Your Price - $12.50


Hand Carved Wood Feather by Milton Howard

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Large Hand Craved Wood Feather

Signed By Artist

Hopi Navajo Milton Howard

This hand carved & hand painted feather is a perfect complement to any Milton Howard Kachina Dolls you may already own. This is a physical expression of Milton's trademark feather. You will always see this hallmark on the bottom of his wood sculptures. The detailed feather portion is painted & stained in somber hues of browns and blacks and with its long and delicate lines, burned individually by Milton, combines to present a visually beautiful & realistic rendering. At the bottom of the feather, also known as the calamus or quill, Milton adds some traditional decorations that continue the Native American sense of beauty & harmony. Each feather is unique in its decorations & is completed with a wood carved "buckskin" fringe that curves upward.

"Please note colors and variation in designs and size are possible"

*Please Note: Hopi Navajo Indian Made.

Your Price - $249.99



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