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Old West Badges

Welcome to AZ Trading Post southwest Old West Badges page
   "We don't need no stinkin' Badges!!" Was yelled back at Humphrey Bogart's character, by a Mexican Bandito, in the classic movie, The Treasure of the Sierra Madre. But in the Old West of the last part of the 19th century a Arizona or Texas Ranger, Marshal, Sheriff, Prison Guard or Agent Badge was a much sought after office. With the badge went the job, and if you had the stomach to enforce the law - it was a fairly good paying job compared to many others on the southwestern frontier.

   AZ Trading Post has a collection of over 6 badges that are exact replicas of the very same badges made famous by the Earp Brothers, Wild Bill Hickok, Pat Garrett and many other lesser known individuals. And now you can have one too.

   Based on original designs from the old West, these badges are top notch replicas in weight and the look of the original badges.

Click on any of the thumbnails on the below to see the items we sell.

Replaca Territorial Prison Guard Badge

Territorial Prison Guard Badge
2 1/4" wide X 2 1/14 long
Price: $16.95

Replaca Deputy Marshal Badge

Deputy Marshal

2" wide X 2" Long
Price: $16.95

Reproduction Brass Arizona Territory Ranger Badge

Brass Arizona Territory Ranger

3" wide
Price: $19.95

Reproduction Brass Depty Marshal Badge

Brass Depty Marshal Badge
3" wide
Price: $19.95

Reproduction Brass Marshal Badge

Brass Marshal Badge
3" wide
Price: $19.95

Reproduction Brass Sheriff Badge

Brass Sheriff Badge
3" wide
Price: $19.95 Each

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